Bringing a car to NYC could be the easiest way to commute to and from the city, but because parking is difficult, many drivers choose to take public transportation or choose to stay home. It would help if you did not let the difficulties of parking ruin what could otherwise be an amazing day out.

Parking Garages NYC

Because there are so many drivers in Manhattan at a given time, it is not easy to find street parking where you need. Rather than driving in circles for hours or having to feed a meter, you should use the best parking garage NYC has to offer. When you choose to leave your car in a parking garage, you should take a moment to learn the common protocols of dropping off a car.

Before leaving for the city, you should look at the area you want to park in and look for different garages. If you come to the city and drive around looking for a garage, you will most likely end up in an expensive and not ideal spot.

Before dropping your car off, you want to make sure that the driver side area is clean and that an attendant can comfortably get in and move your car. You do not need to clean the entire car, but you should clear out the driver’s area.

Separate your key chain so you can leave your car keys. You do not want to have attendance struggling with clunky keys. Holding and storing them can be cumbersome, depending on the size.

Parking Garage NYC

Prepare the things you need before getting a parking garage. NYC is a hectic place, and so you do not want to hold up traffic for cars leaving and entering the lot. You want to keep a smooth transition between dropping off your car and the attendants parking the vehicle. It is important to keep in mind that you can always come back to grab or drop off items, so you do not need to panic when leaving your car.

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