If you own a car in New York City, you know how difficult parking your vehicle can be. There are many rules and regulations, so it is hard to keep track of them all. Many times individuals may have thought they found a legal spot to leave their car, only to come back to tickets or worse, their car towed away.Parking Garage New York City

With such limited space, many New Yorkers find ways to squeeze themselves into spots, especially those by the curb or a driveaway. Parking on a sidewalk street of NYC is difficult and many times what you think is a legal spot, is not.

Do not think about parking your car on a curb cut as that is a part of the driveway. Even standing by a curb cut can get you into trouble, so it’s reasonable to assume that parking is prohibited.

If you believe a curb cut was installed illegally by a homeowner or business, you can do something. Homeowners need a permit to install a curb cut on the sidewalk. If you visit the NYC government website (nyc.gov), you will be able to check the validity of a curb cut.

Parking Garage in New York City and Monthly Parking in NYC

Between alternate side parking, curb cuts, driveways, and more, parking in New York City is never easy. Those who own a vehicle can find themselves spending hours driving around looking for a legal spot; and many times, that space you thought was legal, is not. Avoid the hassle by using monthly parking in NYC. Utilizing a parking garage in New York City ensures that you will not be coming back to expensive tickets on your car.


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