With many cars on the street, parking in NYC is a challenge. When you add all the rules and regulations, it becomes almost impossible. One of the most common parking regulations in NYC is alternate side parking. All of the rules will sometimes discourage someone from driving into the city. Consider using us for the best parking garage NYC offers to make things less complicated. We also specialize in car storage in Manhattan.

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If you are not a native New Yorker, alternate side parking (ASP) may be foreign to you. ASP is designed to keep the streets of New York clean. During a specific time and day, cars are not allowed to park on the street, so the Department of Sanitation can conduct street cleaning drives. Alternate side parking happens one to two times a week in all five boroughs.

Alternate side parking is in effect all year round. It is suspended during holidays or special events. If the city recently experienced a severe storm, ASP may be suspended for several days. However, if you see an alternate side parking sign, assume the rules are in effect. Those who violate ASP signage will be met with hefty fines and may have their car towed.

The Department of Transportation has an online map highlighting alternate side parking. This map will indicate the days and times parking is unavailable on a given street. The best way to avoid tickets and the headache of dealing with alternate side parking is to use a parking garage in NYC.

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