Parking Garage NYCIf you ask a New Yorker the most difficult aspects of living in the City, driving and parking would be at the top of most lists. Parking in New York City is complicated because there are not enough legal spots to accommodate the number of drivers. Additionally, many spots have confusing signs, so it’s easy to park in a restricted area. An oversized vehicle complicates things further because you will only fit in some spots.

Monthly Parking in NYC

Many drivers who have oversized vehicles choose to use a parking garage to make things easier. We provide the best parking garage NYC offers. We feature excellent rates for drivers of oversized vehicles. You can get specials for parking early or monthly parking in NYC.

How do you know if you have an oversized vehicle? If you know the length and height of your vehicle, then it’s easy to determine if it’s oversized or not. A car that’s 181 inches or more in length or 65 inches or more in height is considered oversized. Added accessories to your car can also classify it as oversized. A storage container or bike rack could turn a regular-sized car into an oversized one. As a car owner, it’s a good idea to be well-versed in the rules and regulations for oversized vehicles.

Parking garages will charge more for oversized vehicles as they take up additional space. Before booking your spot with us, you should speak with a representative about your car’s size. Let them know if there are any add-ons to your vehicle that may require additional space.