Parking Garage NYCAs excellent and extensive as the mass-transit system into NYC is, it is not always the quickest and most reliable way to commute. From overcrowded trains at rush hour to limited subway rides in the late hours, there are a series of reasons for the sake of time that driving is the better option. When people decide to drive in, they often try to save a little money by finding street parking. The few dollars saved on the street can cost a person a lot of stress and cash. Turn to us for the best parking garage NYC has. 

Below are the top reasons why a parking garage in NYC is the safest option for parking:

  • Exposure to Harsh Weather: Harsh weather is not uncommon in NYC. From hot and rainy summer days to blizzards in the winter, there is a slew of risks you could potentially face. Parking garages are climate controlled and protected from the weather. It is much nicer getting into your car when you have the cover of a roof.
  • Risk of Accidents and Vandalism: Anyone that’s spent even a little time in NYC knows that the streets can get crazy. As bike lanes and street dining grow, the streets become much more dangerous. It is rare for a biker to stop and leave a note after accidentally taking off a side view mirror. Although not the most common issue, grand theft auto is still a problem in NYC.
  • Fines & Fees: Parking on the street can be free if you find the right spot, but many variables can waste time and cost a lot. Getting a parking ticket is common throughout NYC, and the city is notorious for denying appeals, meaning most people who get a ticket end up paying. In a worst-case scenario, a car can be towed, costing over $400 in fines and fees when all is said and done. Even New Yorkers claim that parking signs are confusing and difficult to follow. Some streets have multiple signs where one contradicts the others.

These reasons underscore that while street parking may seem cost-effective initially, its potential expenses and stress can far outweigh the upfront cost of a parking garage in NYC. Safe, secure, and stress-free parking is worth every penny. Be sure to use GMC Parking for the best parking garage in NYC.

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