Parking in NYC is always difficult. Legal parking spaces are scarce, and many drivers are looking for spots. Not to mention that parking signage is incredibly confusing, often resulting in fines and fees. The best way to avoid any headaches from driving into the city is by utilizing the best parking garage NYC offers.

Monthly parking in NYCUsing a parking lot ensures that your car is parked safely and legally. Monthly parking in NYC is an excellent option for those who work in the city and commute every day. A parking plan can help save you time and money. Not to mention the stress associated with looking for parking.

It’s estimated that drivers in the US spend about seventeen hours a year looking for parking. In places like NYC, that number is likely higher. That’s a lot of your valuable time wasted looking for a place to safely leave your car. If you commute to the city daily, you’re wasting a ton of time, energy, and gas looking for a spot. A monthly parking plan eliminates all these hassles and guarantees you a spot every time you drive into the city.

Time isn’t the only thing you’ll save with monthly parking in NYC. You’ll also save money. A parking plan allows you to cut down on costs. Many garages offer discounts and special rates for long-term parking as opposed to daily parking. You’ll also not have to spend countless hours driving around the block looking for parking, saving gas money.

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