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Parking in New York City can often be a gamble. There are many rules, and each street has its own set of rules, so it’s common to come back to your car with a parking ticket. Parking fines have recently increased. The best way to avoid parking tickets altogether is to use parking garages in NYC. When you park in one of our lots, you don’t have to worry about dealing with fines.

One rule in New York City regarding parking is alternate side parking. At certain times of a specific day, no one can park on the side oCar Storage NYCf the street for cleaning. If you park your car during this time, expect to come back to a steep fine. This year the penalties for alternate side parking went up to $65. This is a citywide rule stipulated by the NYC Department of Sanitation, and it includes all five boroughs.

Below are tips to keep in mind when it comes to alternate side parking:

Do not double park on the legal side of the street

There is a 5-minute grace period before ticketing begins. A parking enforcement officer begins issuing tickets 5 minutes after the grace period.

No standing also applies. Do not sit behind the wheel, waiting for the sweeper to pass.

Please don’t risk it. If you’re finding it challenging to get parking during alternate side parking, use a parking lot. No one wants to get a $65 fine.

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