Parking Garage NYCHow concerned should a person be about the safety of their car when parking in NYC? Before answering that question, knowing where the car is parked is important because street parking and parking garages are entirely different. As of 2022, there was an increase in the rate of car theft (20,659 in 2022 vs. 13,713 in 2021). Crime is rising enough that the DMV of NYC issued a warning for the increase in theft statewide. They also gave the following advice for those who utilize street parking: 

  • Never leave the title in your car
  • Always keep all doors locked (double-check)
  • Shut all windows
  • Never leave keys in the car
  • Never leave the vehicle running while unattended
  • Hide anything that may have value

The warning does not mention that most, if not all, of these issues could be avoided if a person uses a paid parking garage. Isn’t the small cost of parking less than the value of a new car or the stress and anxiety of wondering about your car?

What does a parking garage in NYC offer that makes it so valuable to drivers?

Security Measures:

  1. Cameras: NYC parking garages employ CCTV systems that continuously monitor the premises. This increases safety and also gives necessary information if something were to occur.
  2. Lighting: Many NYC streets are not adequately lit, creating an atmosphere for crime. That is not the case at a parking garage in NYC. Well-placed lighting is common to deter criminal activities.
  3. Personnel: Although someone might not be watching your vehicle the entire time you are gone, someone is still handling the door and keeping suspicious people away. A parking garage’s price also includes a human element of safety.

When people don’t pre-plan their parking, they drive in circles searching for a spot. Finding a spot on the block you want is extremely rare, so many drivers are left parking far from their desired destination. This sometimes leads drivers to unsafe areas where they should never leave their cars. While parking garages in New York City generally provide a more secure environment for vehicles, the exact safety can vary based on location, time, garage management, and overall crime rates in the specific area. Pre-planning and using reputable parking providers can add a layer of safety to the vehicle parking experience in the city. For the latest and location-specific information, contacting local law enforcement or consulting NYC’s crime data might be the most accurate approach.

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