Parking a car in NYC is not always easy. Between the traffic, parking laws, and limited amount of street parking, it is only a matter of time before someone goes crazy. Certain times of the year are even more difficult, such as the winter holiday season. From Thanksgiving until a few days after New Years’, New York City streets are hectic and overrun. The Department of Transportation of NYC has even created special parking rules for this time of year. The more you know about holiday parking regulations, the less stress you experience. Using the best parking garage NYC has eliminates the stress and hassle of parking your car.

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On major legal holidays, alternate side parking rules are not in effect, and meters are not enforced. It is important to note that all stopping, standing, and no parking signs are still effective. A vehicle gets a ticket or towed if it illegally stops in these spots, so if you see these signs make sure you keep moving. The best parking garage NYC has to offer allows you to avoid the troubles of reading street signs and finding a spot.

On other legal holidays, most rules and meters are in effect. Only alternate side parking rules do not need to be followed. Make sure to follow all other rules during these times.

When traveling to NYC, you can first call 311 to get a parking report for the day. If you are ever confused with parking rules, you should always play it safe. Illegally parking a car in NYC can be a small fine, but it can also end up costing hundreds of dollars.

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