If you are unfamiliar with bringing a car to NYC, there is a lot you need first to learn. New York City parking can be a nightmare that causes nothing but stress and money paying fines. Between the number of people who live in Manhattan and those commuting each day, public parking is limited. It can be hard to find that people make mistakes and park illegally. Taking the time to learn the basics of parking in NYC can save you time and keep you sane.

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Alternate side parking is one of the most annoying and confusing rules that people must follow in NYC. There are different rules when you can and cannot park from day to day and hour to hour. If you make this mistake, you will get ticketed or towed. It is important to read signs on the block that you are parking because the rules change from block to block.

You need to make sure you have at least 6 feet between your car and fire hydrants and curb cuts. It is common to find individuals trying to measure this distance using their feet, but it is often inaccurate. It would help if you always played things safe because when you get caught too close to a curb, you are most likely going to get towed: not a ticket.

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Planning to park at the best parking garage NYC has to offer ensures you that you get a spot at a great rate. When traveling to the city for a big event, it is common for local garages and lots to be filled up. You can experience few worse feelings than missing a show because of not finding parking. Reach out for the best parking garage NYC has to offer you.

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