New York City is notorious for handing out and prosecuting parking violations. The city has many ways of collecting money, and ticketing is definitely one of them. Once a person is issued a ticket, it is considered an uphill battle to get off without paying. It is easy to get a ticket in Manhattan because so many different rules and regulations change from block to block. Even streets have different rules depending on what area of the street you are parked at. The best car storage NYC has to offer is the safe and easy way to avoid a ticket.

Car Storage Manhattan

Car Storage NYC

It is almost like the city wants people to make mistakes and break the rules when you think about it. The amount of different signs is enough to make a person’s head spin without even factoring in the confusing text on the signs. The NYC Department of Transportation recognizes how confusing their sign system is, and as a result, they have created a website that explains all the signs. Who wants to be sitting at a spot and doing research about the parking rule? When and if you make a mistake, the consequence is a ticket and fee. For minor infractions, you can be paying upwards of $30. When a car gets towed for being parked illegally, the cost to a person is substantially more.

Again, car storage NYC is the safe and inexpensive way to bring your car to the city. Besides not getting a ticket or towed, there are so many other reasons to consider leaving your car with professionals.

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