If you could make a choice between street parking and garage parking in NYC, which would you choose? For some reason, when asking this question, individuals lean towards street parking. When further asked why the number one response is savings. Many individuals are under the impression that street parking is free, but that is not always the case.

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How much is your time worth?

Parking on the street can be free, but that is only if you find a free spot in the area you are looking. Often, parking entails circling a block for some time to park nowhere near your location. You will either have to walk, hop on the subway, or hail a cab. Our parking garages are located throughout the city, and so you can find a garage right where you need.

Where are you parking?

Certain areas in NYC do not offer free parking. You encounter no parking, standing, and stopping signs, plus expensive parking meters. In some places, you can spend over $5.00 an hour to park. You might find a great spot, but the cost of metered parking is sometimes more than a private parking garage.

What is the cost of repairs and tickets?

Few individuals are not, at least sometimes, confused by street parking signs in NYC. Even those that live in New York often get confused, and unfortunately, when this happens, the city likes to punish drivers. The cost of tickets and impound fees greatly exceed the price of the best parking garage NYC has to offer. Parking on the street also leaves your car exposed to danger which includes damage and theft. A parking garage NYC offers safety and a convenient place to park.

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